July 24, 2013
Gang Banged … Twice

So this is something I’ve been meaning to write from some time but I had to process my thoughts on the matter. In the last month I’ve been gang banged no less than twice and when done properly, I must decree that I fucking love it (surprise, surprise). What’s really interesting to me is that while the ego aspect of it is perhaps more obvious, especially in a bottom dominated city such as mine (maybe they’re all bottom dominated) that you could collect 4+ top guys at once no less and have them be hot/hung/pigs is pretty impressive. Sure, you may consider it the lowest common denominator of sexual objectification but sexual currency is the sweetest of the ego and not to mention a potent expression of libido! You’re servicing numerous hot men with the sexual energy to satisfy them all! I’m telling you, there is power to be found here. 

The first gang was orchestrated by a visiting couple. I went over to get tag teamed, came twice, bragged about how I could take more so then they called my bluff and started inviting guys over. At one point there was probably 4 guys either working on my holes or in line. I loved that these studs took control and passed me around. By the end of it I’d take 10 different cocks and all of the loads ended up down my throat or on me in some fashion.

The second gang was sort of a hand-me-off - I was organizing one for my buddy but he had to bail last minute for extremely valid reasons so I just stepped up to the plate and dealt with the oncoming tops. Suffice to say they were pleased with the consolation prize and I ended up taking 6 cocks in 3 or so hours. 

Both experiences had a different spin as the first was more about the spectacle of me blowing 5 loads in 2 hours while getting pounded while the second was more about passing me around to get the loads. (Fine that kind of happened in the first one too but I digress) Needless to say, the future seems sinful, as I am pretty sure this can only get worse as my ass looks better and better.

OR- Astronomical : 5?6? : 6

July 16, 2013
You Can’t Win Them All

I had a bad feeling about it, couldn’t quite put my finger on it, just the way he was talking. We’d been chatting for a while, cute white smooth figure skater pussy (yes, I knew he was going to be a bit gay. I was prepared).

First he doesn’t answer the door for like two minutes, the door to a hotel room mind you, I have to text him, then he answers it. He’s clearly a bit fucked up, says he had a couple drinks so whatever. He’s watching Jack and the Bean Stalk and leaves it on while he sucks my dick, which I find so distracting, then he starts mowing on my balls which flat out hurts and I’m telling him, “Easy, easy” and he keeps gnawing on them.(Pro tip - if you’re doing something to a guy and he immediately loses his raging erection, you might be responsible) Finally I pull him off and go to feel his hole - the loosest, wettest pussy I’ve seen in a looonnng time. Like gaping butt pussy. Fine, I’ll use him rough, it could be hot, whatever. So I get to fucking him and I’m pounding away and he just says all this inane shit, I even paused at one point to say, “Excuse me?”, when he mumbled something like “Get the fuck off of me” and then he goes, “Nothing, its cool.” Total mind fuck at this point. Then he tells me to pull out because he feels like he has to take a shit now. I pull out and much to my surprise he’s squeaky clean which is even weirder at this point than if he had shit bombed my dick. This is when I actually started laughing and decide to bail. So I’m walking away from the hotel and I get a text from him going, “Hey, are you coming?” and then “Oh fuck, was that you?” and then “You’re hot”. Wow. WOW. Mind blowing.

OR- 0:0 

June 19, 2013
Whoring Out A Slut

So I’ve been drilling this grade A boy cunt from the States who’s visiting a friend here pretty much every day. He’s got all the fixins - cute boyish look, abs, perfect bubble butt, amazing hole, total slut etc. Yesterday I had a day off and he had told me that he was crazy horny so I did the right thing and invited him over after posting a couple ads about whoring him out. 

5 tops and 5 hours later, I can sufficiently say I had done a good job for a Tuesday afternoon. It was really fun being the producer/director/daddy in this situation and it’s something I may have to make a habit of. Of course after he left to go have dinner with his friends I ended up getting tag teamed by two late arriving tops who were more than happy to use my holes instead. I also managed to top two of the “tops” who showed up and had particularly hot asses. Man I love it when I’m actually vers!

OR- 3 (me) : 1 (the slut) : at least 5 (the guests)

June 13, 2013
..Then Daddy’s Show Me Who’s Boss

Huge daddy cock tag team. What’s with the huge dad cock? It’s like an epidemic. I arranged this one, one returning who loves to watch me get used then another new one who I’ve been after for sometime now. After some close calls with the water supply (stupid construction) I managed to take both of these bull studs on in my patented alpha bottom pig fashion. Seriously though these were DAD cocks. Maybe i am just becoming a wuss but they were going deep and I was pushed to my limits. I came three times in under an hour which is probably close to a record, at least for this year. It was insane.That dad cock - so hot right now!

OR- 4:1:1:1

June 11, 2013
Showing Daddy Who’s Boss

I’ve been chatting with this 50yo, smoking hot and ripped daddy for a while. It was clear that he was going to be the bottom. The guy is 50 with one of the most naturally built bodies I’ve seen in a while. Even his skin was gorgeous! And the ass.. oh my god the ass. His hole did things that I wasn’t sure a hole could do until now. It was incredibly hot to turn the tables on the old daddy vs son dynamic, and boy did I fucking destroy him. It gradually built in intensity and roughness and piggishness until I was basically beating him up and his receptiveness was equally entrancing - no matter how hard I fucked him, he always asked for more and constantly kept me close with his amazing dick-milking hole. I put two loads back to back down his greedy (and equally impressive) throat and pounded daddy into submission. Some guys have all the good genes right? 

OR- 2:0

June 8, 2013
Old Flame

Yesterday I hooked up with this hot Scottish guy who used to bang me something like 10 years ago. Now that is no trivial amount of time but it did create an interesting contrast depicting how we’ve both changed in a decade. Needless to say, I appreciate his huge cock in a different way - when I was younger, it was about conquering Everest, even through all the pain. Now it just feels amazing. Supposedly neither of us look particularly different (score one for the good guys) and his review clearly states that the only thing that’s really changed on my part is my ability to actually throat his stupidly fat dick. Even better is his recharge time.. he was back in my ass after blowing a load in under 10 minutes whereas the prospect of going another round with him back in the day was out of the question. Additionally, he insists my hole is tighter now than it was then - he’s a good liar or it’s better than I thought. So glad we reconnected.

OR- 2:2

June 7, 2013
The Whore Mysteries

In no particular order:

- When the Gods of Bottoming shine upon you, your asshole unusually hungry, your preparation unusually painless, they often reward you with a multitude of cock. An alignment. Hand’s free orgasms. From where does this divine inspiration come? Who decides which day is a power bottom day? I would like to meet him.

- Kegels. The exercise of the Gods. Many miracles are performed because of this exercise. 

- Young guys who can really fuck. Nature versus nurture? Is this an old soul rejoicing in his virile body? Or am I just into the vigor and athleticism? 

- Top/Bottom phases. Like Ying and Yang, Top and Bottom seek to find balance. Unlike Ying and Yang, Top and Bottom can fuse to be Vers.This seems like cheating, but sometimes the Vers you are you can’t decide. It comes from.. elsewhere.

- Jockstraps. They don’t call it Apollo’s Belt for nothing.

- Finally, the Madonna/Whore. The most basic dilemma with male attraction. You praise that which you seek to love, but you desire that which you do not yet have. Yet both are necessary. You must sometimes make love and sometimes use his holes like the cumpig he is. How to be both at the same time, like the particle and the wave, we can only learn from nature… and maybe a bit of nurture.

June 6, 2013
Faith in Youth = Restored

It was all kind of sudden. I message this really sexy, big dicked 21yo ginger, knowing full well his inbox was getting bombed harder than Cambodia. He promptly responds, noting our close distance, and asks if he can come over to have me for lunch. Intrigued, I invite him over. He walks in, cute as hell, proceeds to make out with me. We trade oral, trade rim jobs, and detecting that I want to pound him he beats me to the punch, “Listen, I want you to fuck me… just not yet. I want to try your ass first.” So bromantic. So he puts his fat ginger cock in me and my fuck it’s a good fit. He goes to work, I start dropping “Fuck me, boy” and “That’s it?” and man does he respond, pounding my fucking brains out. This is the youthful vigor I’m looking for! You won’t be able to hurt me, just go nuts. If you hurt me I’ll buy you dinner. (No dinners were bought today) He finishes down my throat - how else do you reward a 21yo top for a job well done - and promises to come back and lemme have my turn.

Needless to say, I could get used to being the older man. 

OR- 1:1

June 4, 2013

You may (incorrectly) think this will be about taking tons of dick but instead I bring you a report on the current stock of various bottoms. Young bottoms have fallen 3 percentage points over reports of whining and general lack of experience. Conversely, young slutty bottoms have seen a huge increase, as of this afternoon 20 percentage points! Everyone is buying and we all know why - this is having your cake and creaming it too. Older muscle bottoms, the most consistent performer, has some strong showings recently, especially the Hot Ginger and Hugest Legs I’ve Ever Seen models. What’s unclear is whether this is a bubble due to the fall out from Detroit or maybe a shift in the market? Only time will tell.

OR- like 6:1:2*:1:1

*I love when bottoms can do this

May 29, 2013
Unleash the Beast

I knew when I went to bed last night that the full extent of that mindblowing horse cock would not be confirm until tomorrow. Naturally, I woke up to an immense need to take on studs and my ass was vibrating in sine waves of residual pleasure. As though God intended it, my prep was totally painless and so was the first dick. Quite a bit smaller than last night’s monster of the week but my asshole’s miraculous ability to retain it’s original shape ensured a hot fuck,. It’s only mid day and I’ve already had my ass devoured by two pros who followed up with more than adequate fucks. Pity I have to work shortly. 

OR- 3:1:1:1